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AoS Appreciation Week  Day 4

Favorite Ship | FitzSimmons



that would be such a good way to reboot everything though, just imagine:

the unsc has shut project freelancer down and brought director michael cross in for questioning about the violation of several safety regulations. meanwhile, the agents and ais (who pass themselves off as human) have scattered around the galaxy. some go home, others take off.

three years pass, and eventually, after lengthy discussion, the unsc reinstates project freelancer, but gives the director a leash of sorts—the counselor. he tracks down every single former operative and ai, shows up at their doorstep nick fury style, and tells them,

it’s time. we’re back in business.

#pfrp    #just imagine where all the agents would be though    #the counselor shows up at charlie and dover’s apartment while they’re in the middle of a huge fight    #he finds tara and austin as a crime fighting duo on a seedy colony    #prov’s gone back home but hasn’t touched a gun since the project stopped    #sage and monty live on a traveling ship that it takes him ages to track    #bis and condor are pulling their no equinox for old men spiel with calvin living next to them    #meanwhile chey has set up residence as a mechanic for a border colony    #and is more than astonished that he managed to find her   #atlanta and anapolis pull a rip van winkle and wake up from cryo after being cured of the disease they caught    #only to be told—three years have gone by. but it’s time to suit up    #fee has drunk himself into a stupor but at the chance to get back on his feet he jumps    #and so much more oh my godddddd    #i need this okay   




i would sell my soul for a pfrp movie. or like. a tv show. or a novel. i would also sell my soul to hear everyones headcanons for what happened after the rp stopped bc i have some for chey that are deep shit man

heres my headcanon


fucking imagine the project being shut down and then one day they’re all called back into service and monty or someone is like “where the fuck is my suit” and sage is like “uh. i put it away.”

but in reality sage has it hidden away somewhere because she likes to put it on and pretend to be monty when he isn’t home.

  1. encasedprince answered: If you are, change her race. “White” isn’t a valid race, and where the story takes place German, French, or English seems a good choice

White is a race.  German and French are not races they are nationalities.  Natalie Dormer is white, therefore Josie Reyes’s race is white.

Possible graphic for my Attack on Titan rp.  Yes?  No?  What do you guys think?

Possible graphic for my Attack on Titan rp.  Yes?  No?  What do you guys think?


You blocked someone because they believe in not raising one group up by throwing others under a bus. Huh. Telling.


Has science Stella gone too far? (Answer is no)



PROTECT and DEFEND trans women

if you put trans women in danger because you can’t help running your fucking mouth, you are the ENEMY and will be ERADICATED

if you are a cis person who scrolled past this without reblogging because you don’t feel like it’s a necessary message for your other cis friends to see, i want you to know you’ve made it that much harder to trust you

50 75 as many images of Kaidan Alenko as i want - 113 / 50 75 ?